Passion is the genesis of genius – Galileo Galilei

A year ago, Idan questioned “Does The Kerun Kardashinanas still exist?” The truth is, Bachelor year is tougher than The Row alligator backpack. Well, I am not Chiara Ferragni, left all her law books and chasing after dreams. I did this for the sake of my future and my parents. Now that I’m free, you’re gonna see a lot of me.

Here’s to new beginnings!

SYED by Tsyahmikl

Surprisingly, my nephew knew how to take good photos than few creatures that I know. For Eid 2015, SYED in petal white by Tsyahmi robe symbolic to a fresh start for me as a fashion blogger. Keeping it simple and still honouring traditional ensamble. Also, I live for the batwing sleeves.


Wearing sandals by @nazifinasri, robe by @tsyahmikl

Eid Mubarak, bb!




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