Do things with passion, or not at all. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Anonymous

Saw someone posted something on my wall, about new designers participating in fashion week. What does made it so-called controversial is that, a very well-known actress, Fazura (@missfazura), re-posted what designer/lecturer, Mr. Faizal Hamid, who also has produced talented local designers today, her difference in opinion about what being stated by Mr. Faizal.

Well first of all, I personally think, yes, education is essential to enhance skills. I also believe, Mr. Faizal himself taught more than just cutting patterns in his classroom. But it’s about passion that drives someone to be successful.

I am not bashing anyone here. But I am sad together with these talented souls, the unexplored amazing talent, like them need to be recognized.

Today, I am seeing so many ‘people’ trying to make their own ‘masterpiece’ and called themselves as a ‘designer’. Please do not ever call yourself a fashion designer unless you know how to make a couture gown. Printing fonts on a t-shirt does not make you a fashion designer.

Yes, I am nobody in this industry but my passion towards fashion is never ending.

I see valid points in Fazura’s opinion. She, herself, is mad, when someone try to bring these talented young people down. She said she was blown away by their workmanship.

If you have tons of money and you are enthusiastic about fashion. You better make it work. You need a better vision before you even think about it.

But, if you only live for a glamour, luxury life, make sex tape.

Lastly, to fashion students out there, nobody says your certificate is worthless. But do not say others’ dreams meaningless too.




One thought on “Verve

  1. Bravo,…. Don’t rely on your popularity,Do you have trademark ? Make your own haute couture/collection by your own design & originality🙏🙏🙏


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