I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet – Carrie Bradshaw

Balmain Army has arrived! I believe it’s the most expensive designer collaboration with H&M yet. Yeah I know, it’s shite when you’re not Kendall fucking Jenner.


But, there are bunch of creatures, love to hate, throwing shade on us for queuing to buy expensive clothes.

“Why are you buying expensive designer clothes? Is buying expensive clothing worth it?”

First of all, Yes, its worth it and as a bonus, the items look better so you look better and feeling fine. Nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself.

Anyone who inserts themselves into your business by criticising you spending money on your clothing has already made up their mind about what they find important and that they think is worth the money. Maybe they spend outrageous sums on drinks that taste like garbage at a bar.

It’s not about whether the clothing is worth it, it’s about them criticising you and what you value to validate their own opinions.

But, once you bought designer clothes, your notion towards them will completely changed. And you wanted to buy more of them.

Lastly, it’s your money and how much you spent on it, on clothing, is no one’s business but your own.


Jacket by MARNI x H&M

This collection is for the future generation, for those who’ve always dreamed of wearing Balmain

– Olivier Rousteing on Balmain x H&M




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