Hello Sunday

I have a confession to make. First, I am not a shoe person. I rarely wear shoes. Second, I sweat a lot. I envy people who could wear men suits and pointy shoes when the sun directly overhead cause I’ll be sweating like a whore in a church.

So, last night I decided to make a Q&A session with the humble sandals designer, Nazifi Nasri, the founder of NazifiNasri. 23 years young and have his own label. How cool is that?I first met him at KL Fashion Week years ago and I got to say, I adore his sense of style. I mean, how many boys out there willing to wear flare trousers and still manage to pull it off?


Above: Nazifi Nasri in NazifiNasri’s

FYI, NazifiNasri was known as Mensandals before. Now, let’s back to business.

Me: What is NazifiNasri (Mensandals) all about?

NN: Mensandals is about a guy who loves sandals very much rather than wearing shoes.Basically its about produce a sandals specifically for men with an affordable price

Me: How did you come with the idea of Mensandals?


NN: I am more into sandals before this, not a fan of wearing shoes to go anywhere and usually I bought 2 or 3 pairs of sandals and all of sudden terus broke because of sandals hahaa as you can see the price of men’s stuffs is expensive than women’s stuff right. One pair of sandals can cost me about rm 250+ just a pair of sandals! From that i got an idea to make my own sandals and selling them with an affordable prices as low as rm90 so that people who has low income and still want to shop like me can buy the sandals because sandals is something a men must have in their wardrobe! Haha

Me: How did you get inspiration on your collections?


NN: I  love building and lines! basically my inspiration is something that surrounded me such as people, architecture, lines and movies. From that I can imagine something in the framework that I can get through all of these and transform them into what I can do it for sandals. my most favorite inspiration is my last year theme which was Ancient Greek. Inspired from Hercules and Clash of the titans.

Me: Describe your style (love your sense of style)


NN: My style is oversized, plain, minimal and don’t leave the house without a hat!(sometimes) Haha I do love to try something like Saint Laurent boys look,skinny jeans, heels pointed boots, leather jacket..

Me: In your opinion, what are the DON’T(s) in fashion or style

NN: I don’t have any don’ts in fashion because fashion is always fun to try and experiment yourself. You wear whatever you like and be confident! but For me, when you pakai suit DON’T wear different color suit especially for men! Mcm Seluar merah striking, coat color brown. No No! Bila pakai suit always match them with same color or maybe boleh different color tapi color gelap is okay always look classy and smart in suit. And not too much printed on suit.

Me: What do you think of Malaysia’s fashion scene?

NN: Malaysia fashion scene is going big! Many designers out there like to produce different yet suitable with Malaysia culture and weather look every collection under their label to compare like 5 or 8 years ago designer yang sama je because now ready to wear telah mendapat nama in Malaysia. Now people start to support and buy Malaysia local fashion designer pieces including me haha. Like Moto Guo, his going big with his LVMH shortlisted list

Me: You did a collaboration with local designer before, Ezzati Amira. Will you collaborate with anyone again in future? If yes, who would you love to collaborate with?



NN: Yup! That’s for my first women’s sandals. My second collaboration with Andy Sulaiman for KlFW 2015. I love to collaborate with any local designer in Malaysia in future I don’t have any specific name as long as they love to collab with me haha but I do prefer men’s designer!

Me: Last but not least, when will your next collection going to come out? And what will the next collection all about, have you got any inspiration yet?

NN: My next collection would be my Raya 2016 collection. Just wait and see…… haha

Check out the latest collection via Instagram : NazifiNasri



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