Every year, celebrities and fashionistas congregate at the centre of Pavilion, KL in conjunction of KL Fashion Week (KLFW). But, I’m not going to write on  the collections. Yes, I found some collections that got potential to go far in the industry but some of them were just like, excuse my language, tacky. Sorry, not sorry, but I am throwing beaucoup shade.

So, basically, there are one, two, three and a shitload of species can be found in KLFW. There are:


(Channeling my inner Chanel Oberlin)


THE KNOCKOFFS – hashtag #mylittlephony. The one who has the superpower to imitate the collections from well-known designers. Very impressive. SHADE!

THE KISSASS – #assclown the one who kisses designer ass so that they are being invited to the shows. One who compliment with ulterior motive. For example, “Nice collection! BTW, I need two tickets, one for me, and one for my boyfriend.” First of all, what is so nice about a printed tee-shirt anyway. Second of all. Gurl, you thirsty? SHADE!

THE BUTTHURT – the one who does not like being criticised and post a long-ass status on Facebook so that their fans a.k.a. friends will support them via likes or mean comments. Like seriously. Wake up, sleeping beauty. OWN THAT SHIT.

THE NARCISSIST – #thedelusional. The one with their head so far up their ass they eat their own shit and think it is good and everyone should think so too. I mean, I get why the celebrities were there and some of them were supporting their friends. But what are you doing in there again, gurl? You don’t even write informative reviews. I just love the fact that your face is everywhere. Very classy – CLASSY TO THE FIRST DEGREE. BURN!

So that’s my review on #KLFWRTW2016.

But before anyone trying to public shaming me.

I would like to comment

To all the so-called mainstream media, including weird web sites that nobody has heard of who have used my name as clickbait, and to all the relentless unwashed hordes on Twitter, who have taken every opportunity to mock and attack me mercilessly from the safety of their stained futons. I offer the following heartfelt sentiment…



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