Hello human. Been away for awhile from blogging world. So much to talk about. First, from fashion to fitness. For those who are very close to me know that, I am not a sport person. I hate sport. I would definitely choose sleep over sport. One day, I signed up for a 10km run, which… Read More AWOL


Every year, celebrities and fashionistas congregate at the centre of Pavilion, KL in conjunction of KL Fashion Week (KLFW). But, I’m not going to write on  the collections. Yes, I found some collections that got potential to go far in the industry but some of them were just like, excuse my language, tacky. Sorry, not… Read More Orthodoxia

Bali Bliss

One travels to run away from routine, that dreadful routine that kills all imagination and all our capacity for enthusiasm – Ella Maillart I have always wanted to go to Bali. My very first day in Bali, I decided to stay in Ubud. So I booked a villa called Indigo Tree Villa via airbnb. Definitely a hidden… Read More Bali Bliss


Hello Sunday I have a confession to make. First, I am not a shoe person. I rarely wear shoes. Second, I sweat a lot. I envy people who could wear men suits and pointy shoes when the sun directly overhead cause I’ll be sweating like a whore in a church. So, last night I decided to… Read More Nazifi